2017 CASID Conference

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Members of the Network at the 2017 CASID Conference

Members of the Network at the 2017 CASID Conference

On 2 June 2017 members of the S3NP Network presented preliminary findings at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development in Toronto. The panel was chaired by Sajjadur Rahman, retired Associate Vice President at the former Canadian International Development Agency, and took place in the Ted Rodgers School of Management at Ryerson University, Toronto.

Admos Chimhowu, David Hulme and Lauchlan Munro presented preliminary findings based on their analysis of around 50 national development plans. In addition David presented on national development planning in Bangladesh and Lauchlan analysed how national development planning came back into vogue, see below:

National Development Plans – A Characterisation and Typology

National Development Planning: The Return of History


University of Ottawa students Sarah Tal and Begench Yazlyyev also presented at the conference demonstrating the networks commitment to the development of the next generation of public policy analysts and scholars. Sarah presented on national development planning in the Arab speaking world whilst Begench focused on national development planning in the former Soviet Union, see the presentations below:

National Development Planning in Middle East and North Africa

National Development Planning in the Former Soviet Union